Gemei Hair Dryer GM-1711


Hair Dryer Gemei GM 1711 price is much lower as compared than the other hot air blowing machine that are available in the market. This Hair Dryer will help you to get ready in minutes. It comes with a small opening that rapidly blows out hot hair if require. The Hair Dryer is manufactured from the highest quality materials that ensured its durability for years.


This hair dryer is a product designed to evaporate moisture from the hair. The Hair Dryer works by blowing the hot hair. It uses hot hair dries out the moisture from the hair. If you don’t have enough time to get for a function, then this dryer will help you to get ready for that particular function in less amount of time.

It features a low and high intensity switch. The low intensity features the low hot hair blowing, while high intensity features the high hot hair blowing. You can adjust the switch as per your desire and requirement. The Hair Dryer is powered by a standard AC cable. You just have to plug in the cable in the wall socket electricity connector and after that you can use this gadget.

  • Multipurpose hair dryer
  • Features low and high intensity switch
  • Powered by standard wall socket connector
  • Equipped with special designed nozzle
  • Lightweight
  • Compact and portable