Energy King Massager LC-2017-A



Decide whether you wish to use the massage device with its handle attached or without a handle, using a hand strap. To remove the handle, press hard on the two retention buttons on either side of the handle and pull the handle off the massage head. Insert the plug-in cover into the back of the massage head. Put your hand under the hand strap. Using the Velcro fastener, adjust the length of the hand strap so that you can hold the massage head in your hand and guide it safely. If you wish to attach the handle again, first pull off the plug-in cover and reattach the handle until it is heard to engage. The power cable emerges from beneath the handle retainer. You can massage with or without the massage attachment

  • Reduce the muscle ache
  • Speedup the fat burning
  • Promote the blood circulation
  • Buildup the immunity function